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  • Meredith Peters

Aruba – One Happy Island… Discover Why!

Aruba is a tropical lover’s paradise that will steal your heart the moment you arrive. You can spend sun-filled days on gorgeous beaches or go off-road exploring on all-terrain vehicles. Known as One Happy Island, the locals are friendly and eager to share their beautiful island with you.

In Aruba, the pace of life goes as fast or slow as you choose. Lazy days should be part of your vacation and can be mixed up with exploring this charming small Dutch isle in the Caribbean. The choice is up to you!

Some people go to Aruba to see the flamingos on the beach. But flamingos aren’t native to Aruba and can only be seen on a private island associated with the Renaissance Hotel.

To be guaranteed a visit to Flamingo Beach, you will need to stay at the Renaissance Hotel. If you stay at another resort, you can try to purchase a day pass to the island. A visit to this island is well worth the stunning sight of seeing these magnificent pink birds roaming around on the white sandy beach.

Aruba is famous for wreck diving, and we recommend you start with the SS Antilla. You can even see some of the boat’s remains by just snorkeling if you prefer, as the German wreck is only 18 meters down.

Once you see this one, the ocean might entice you to explore more, including oil tankers and two airplanes that crashed into the ocean.

Another day you might want to pack a picnic and visit Malmok Beach with some snorkeling gear. You might see tropical fish, starfish, and even turtles as you swim in the crystal-blue waters.

There is a collection of lovely beaches to see in Aruba that any tropical lover will swoon for! You can devote a day of blissful beach exploration to Baby Beach, Surfside Beach, Druif Beach, and Hadicurari Beach.

Dining right on the beach during a tropical sunset in Aruba is sure to be a highlight of your trip. Just imagine watching the sun sink into the water as you sip your wine in your private dining room under the stars!

Delicious seafood, local cocktails, and tropical fruit feature prominently on most beachfront menus, and you will surely be impressed with the tasty local cuisine.

If you are looking for a mixture of relaxing beaches and exciting excursions, Aruba is the island for you! When you are ready to plan a visit to One Happy Island, I would love to help! Just click below to get started.


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