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Hi, I'm your luxury travel agent, Meredith Peters

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My Travel Story: How It All Began

Growing up, my parents ignited my love for travel by taking my brother and me on road trips across the United States. We explored new destinations for weeks at a time, all while towing our twenty four foot Open Road travel trailer. By age eight, I had been to almost every state in the contiguous United States.


I didn't fly until I was 18, when I visited Cancun, Mexico, with my cousins. However, it wasn't until my dream trip to Italy at age 22 that my passion for travel indeed took flight. Since then, I've been hooked on travel!


From Farmer to Travel Agent: My Unconventional Career Path

Before becoming a travel agent, I spent my days as a commercial fruit and vegetable farmer, operating and managing a 300-acre farm and running our wholesale and retail business. Although I loved farming, I craved adventure and travel. Each winter, I eagerly anticipated my brief escape from the farm to explore new destinations and cultures.

After closing the farming chapter of my life, I knew the time had come to pursue my love of travel and to help others experience the world. I founded my own travel agency dedicated to making my clients' travel dreams a reality.

My Favorite Types of Travel and Destinations

As an avid traveler, I love eating my way through Italy, rappelling the waterfalls of Costa Rica, and trekking through the hills of Ireland. I’m also pretty good at sitting on a beach in the Caribbean with a drink in my hand!


Aside from traveling by plane to international destinations, I enjoy exploring the United States in the comfort of my travel trailer with my husband.

Mount Etna, Sicily

Hiking Mount Etna in Sicily, Italy

I would love to get to know you and help you plan your next dream vacation!

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