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  • Meredith Peters

Ischia In Italy Is A Sunseekers Paradise

Taking the ferry to Ischia is just the start of your exciting experiences with this volcanic island in the Gulf of Naples. Famous for healing thermal waters and hot springs, Ischia is slowly getting more well-known with travelers from all over the world.

Sant Angelo Ischia Italy
Sant Angelo

You can find luxury spa resorts, quaint guesthouses and an impressive list of villa accommodation options for your Ischia stay. Once you find your perfect base, you will be ready to explore this most charming Italian island.

Ischia Italy

At Maronti Beach in the south, sun-seekers flock to the exotic hot springs that bubble up through the sand. You can taxi or bus there then take a boat to the city of Sant Angelo for a different route back. Sorgeto is another beach where you can soak in the warm waters. The innovative local restaurant owners created a unique luxury service delivering food and drinks to customers right in the water. How blissful!

For a more private hot spring experience, Ischia is home to the oldest spa in the world. Nitro is the place to indulge in a spa treatment that will include some time in the therapeutic waters. Locals often go there to collect water that they believe is a true beauty elixir.

Cartaromana Beach is another lovely beach in Ischia. From the sandy shores, you can see the medieval Aragonese Castle that has been privately owned since 1912. It is open to the public so you can cross the stone bridge and explore the great ancient site.

Aragonese Castle Ischia Italy
Aragonese Castle

Some blockbuster films have been shot in and around Ischia, including Men in Black and The Talented Mr. Ripley. Many celebrities favor this quaint island for a summer getaway, so if you think you spotted an A-lister, you are probably right.

The Sir William Walton Foundation and La Mortella Gardens are a pretty place to visit. The garden is the floral masterpiece of Lady Susana Walton, wife of the composer Sir Willian Walton. Both passed away long ago, but their sweet vision lives on, with the gardens being open to the public since 1991.

La Mortella Gardens Ischia Italy
La Mortella Gardens

Learn all about Ischia's strong fishing traditions at the Sea Museum in the 18th-century Palazzo dell'Orologio. The fishing community is still going strong, and the local restaurants serve up the freshest seafood adorned with flavorsome garnishes and tasty side dishes. All this is complemented with a glass of Italian wine and finished with a sweet dessert.

Mount Epomeo Ischia Italy
Mount Epomeo

How about a hike with some vineyards to motivate your climb? Mount Epomeo is the highest mountain on Ischia at 789 meters high. It's a scenic hike through the lush terrain, and near the top, you see white lava. You pass through a little village called Fontana before reaching the peak and are rewarded again with epic views of the whole island.

Ischia is a summer destination with everything closing down during the low season. The peak of the tourist season is mid-August, when locals celebrate Ferragosto. The national public holiday on 15 August originates from Feriae Augusti, the festival of emperor Augustus. So, from June to October is a great time to be in Ischia.

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Thermal baths ischia italy
Thermal Baths


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