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  • Meredith Peters

A Delicious Journey Through the Culinary Regions of Spain

Spanish cuisine is known for its simplicity, comfort, and use of fresh ingredients. Each dish is made with love, passion, and cultural pride, and the quality of ingredients is always premium.

assorted Spain Food Travel

Similar to many other nations, Spain was invaded by multiple empires and ethnic groups. The Romans, Phoenicians, and late descendants of the Berber peoples, just to name a few. Because of this, feudal villages and kingdoms existed throughout the country, and they were run with their own cultural practices, languages, currency and cuisine.

While olive oil and garlic are two ingredients that can be found across the country, Spain is divided into six culinary regions, each with its own unique flavors and dishes.


This region is famous for pescaito frito (deep fried fish), jamón ibérico (Iberian ham), oxtail soup, gazpacho, Tortilla de patatas (Spanish omlette) and delicious dry sherries like manzanilla and fino that are made from the Palomino grape.

The Pyrenees

chilindrones Spain Food Travel

Here you’ll find dishes that include fresh tomatoes, onions, sauteed peppers and chilindrones, a hearty Spanish stew that’s made with chicken, venison, wild boar or beef.

Eastern Region

Paella Spain Food Travel
Seafood Paella

The Eastern Region is the birthplace of Spanish paella and is where you can enjoy various rice-based dishes like Arròs negre (squid ink fish) and Conejo con arroz (rice and rabbit).

Central Spain

This area would include the stunning baroque region of Castilla-Leon. Prepare for a more robust menu in this region with a heavy focus on roasted meats. This is the home of comfort food and where you’ll find plenty of cocidos (Spanish stews), sopas de ajo (garlic soup), and manchego cheese.

Cataluña (Catalonia)

Heavily influenced by Italy, France, and the Mediterranean, Catalan food is bursting with flavor and creative fusion foods. Esqueixada (salt cod), mongetes amb botifarra (sausage and beans), and Escudella i carn d’olla (meat and mixed vegetabel stew).

Northern Spain

This is Basque Country, and if you eat anything here, let us suggest one word: Pintxos. These bite sized flavor bombs are often topped with everything from seared green peppers, cheese, fresh octopus, to cured ham, croquettes and sausages. Pintxos are similar to tapas in that they are served at bars and taverns, but the ingredients are different. Northern Spain is also to some of the best Mediterrean influenced seafood dishes in the country.

Pintxos Spain Food Travel

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