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  • Meredith Peters

Experience the Magic of Tulum

Tulum, Mexico, located on the Caribbean coast, has a breathtaking coastline and powdered sand beaches leading up to stark blue waters that you can see clear through to the bottom. Match that with ruins, caverns, cenotes, and restaurants, and you have the perfect destination.

Best Beach Resorts in Mexico
Turquoise Waters of Tulum

Tulum has a history that is deeply rooted in ancient Mayan traditions. Today, Tulum is a blend of cultures, infusing the “old ways” with the “modern ways”. This famous Mayan town emits a cool, bohemian, laid back kind of vibe. You can spot locals and tourists alike riding bikes, practicing yoga on the beach, napping in a hammock or just relaxing with a cocktail at an open-air beach bar. One thing everyone has in common in Tulum… they’re all happy and smiling!

Tulum is a paradise for foodies. The city offers options as typical as authentic Mexican tacos to trendy vegan plant-based restaurants and fine Italian dining. Visitors will not find typical chain restaurants that are typically added to popular tourist destinations to appease visitors. Every restaurant and establishment is an ingredient-driven experience filled with fresh juices and wood-fired cooking.

There is no limit to the things visitors and locals can do in Tulum. Home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, the town offers snorkeling and scuba diving into the turquoise blue waters. There is a whole underwater world to the city filled with cenotes and caves. Those with the desire for adventure can snorkel directly at the ruins with fish and other ocean life. To dry off, visit the Mayan ruins or one of the many art exhibits. The famous “Temple of the Winds” provides incomparable views and provides a glimpse into the city's history. The perfect time of day to visit the ruins is in the early mornings, to avoid crowds as well as to have the chance to get a sunrise photo among the monuments.

Best Beach Resorts in Mexico
Tulum Ruins

Away from the typical tourist areas, the city's center offers long streets of shopping and dining. This is where visitors can experience authentic Mexican cuisine and the city's real nightlife.

With deep historical Mayan roots and titillating culture, this city is a must-visit destination. Its proximity to Cancun gives visitors the option to add it as a bonus location to an existing trip. The city’s well-preserved ruins and sandy beaches are evidence that it has earned the appreciation that tourists seem to be developing for it.

Tulum provides the perfect mixture of complete tranquility and relaxation, while still filling days with life-enriching, exciting activities. The city offers more than a typical Mexican vacation and is perfect for those wanting to experience something other than a typical tourist hotspot or experience. The lack of crowding in the city alone is reason enough to call Tulum the perfect vacation destination. The brilliant beaches and Mayan history make it both the perfect destination for relaxation and landscape appreciation as well as absorbing the history and learning about an essential ancient culture.

Are you to experience the magic of Tulum for yourself? Just let us know, We'd love to help get you there!


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