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  • Meredith Peters

Naxos, Greece - The Gem of The Cyclades

Naxos is a scenic Mediterranean haven located in the heart of the Aegean Sea and beaming with stunning views and endless amounts of history. It is the largest of the Cycladic islands and a popular tourist destination. Naxos is an island of beautiful monasteries, countless ruin sites, venetian castles and some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece. Below are a few of the countless reasons Naxos, Greece should be on your list of next vacation destinations.

Greek Vacation Island

Naxos is essentially a place where you can experience everything that embodies Greece in one breathtaking destination. It offers a look into mythology and ancient civilization, as well as magnificent seascapes and mountains. The island is home to secret valleys and mesmerizing, storybook pools that should not be missed when visiting Greece.

Naxos is a working island and is known for its agricultural abundance. Some of the products produced include olives, citrus fruits, meat, cheese, vegetables, and seafood. One of the most popular agricultural products that are grown on the island is the Naxian potato. You can find these delicious potatoes throughout all of Greece. Those visiting Naxos enjoy tasting many savory dishes such as pig rosto, pork fricassee with provatsa, lemon braised rabbit, veal stew served with eggplant, and chargrilled octopus, to name just a few. The island is also known for its side dishes, from unique salads to local cheeses and cured meats.

The Portara is the most famous landmark on the island and is the first thing in the city that those arriving by ferry lay their eyes one. It is a large door to an unfinished template that was constructed in 530 BC. While different theories surround the reason for the construction of the template, there is no argument that it is the perfect place to capture beautiful photographs and experience breathtaking sunsets.

Greek Vacation Island

From the statues of Kouros to the temple of Demeter, there are an abundance of sites to see in Naxos. Other important monuments on the must-see list are The Medieval quarter of Kastro and the Monastery of Panagia Drossiani. As a whole, the island of Naxos is traversed by many hiking paths and routes leading to extraordinary sightseeing and scenic villages.

Naxos has managed to keep intact its traditional character, especially compared to nearby islands. Because the island is more mountainous than others in the Cyclades, it tends to trap clouds, resulting in more rain. The lush green valleys and gorges are considered the most fertile lands in all of Greece.

Hop on a ferry from Mykonos to experience everything Naxos has to offer, as it truly is a different experience than the other islands in the Cyclades. Naxos is peaceful and uncrowded, with everything from rolling hills and mountains to beaches and incomparable cuisine.

Drop us a line and we'll help you discover Naxos for yourself!


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