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  • Meredith Peters

Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic - The Original Vacation Spot of the DR!

Puerto Plata is the third-largest city in the Dominican Republic and is located on the northern shores of the Amber Coast. The city is home to the first aerial tramway of the Caribbean where visitors can ride up to the Pico Isabel de Torres, a mountain within the city. Puerto Plata is the birthplace of tourism in the Dominican Republic and is packed with beautiful landscapes, lush valleys and mountains, and shining beaches.

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Puerto Plata is home to a large catholic population, and the city has a fascinating history and culture. Europeans, African, and Taino cultures are present in Dominican food and family values. The people of Puerto Plata are welcoming and warm with good senses of humor, and visitors are welcome with open arms and friendliness. They love to dance merengue and bachata at the many celebrations and festivals held in the city.

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Whether you chose an all-inclusive food package at your resort or decide to venture into the city on your own, the food in Puerto Plata is not to be missed. From traditional Dominican dishes like La bandera and samanas pescado con coco, the options are endless. The Dominican Republic is also well known for its coffee bean production, so it is not hard to find a great cup of Joe around the city. There are also fruits growing all around the city, and they are often made into fruit smoothies that include passion fruit, pineapple, bananas, guava, oranges, strawberries, mango, and papaya. They are fresh and delicious enough to be enjoyed alone or in a colorful fruit salad.


Tourists can choose from museums, natural areas, and Fort San Felipe. One museum you do not want to miss is the Museo Del Ambar (Amber Museum). Puerto Plata is known for producing some of the most transparent and oldest amber in the world. *Fun Fact* It is said that Steven Spielberg was inspired by this very museum while he was working on Jurassic Park.

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Travelers from all around the world enjoy the beautiful beaches and resorts. Playa Dorada is the hub of tourist activity that stretches out for miles of white sand beach and clear aqua waters. The beach is dotted with cabanas and lounge chairs packed with sunbathers.

No trip to Puerto Plata would be complete with taking a catamaran tour to the infamous Cayo Arena. Cayo Arena is a small sandbar in the middle of the ocean that feels like heaven when you stand on its white sand, surrounded by clear, aquamarine waters. Swim in the clear shallow waters that encircle the island and check out the spectacular marine life. When you’ve had your fill of water time and had a drink or two on the island, hop back on the boat and sail to the fishing village, where you’ll be served a Dominican buffet.

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Live music and dancing is the epitome of the city's nightlife and can be found around every corner. Though it is a large part of the club and bar scene, it is also enjoyed during the day. It is almost unavoidable, not that anyone should want to avoid it! Puerto Plata is a destination that offers everything a visitor could want, from underwater activities to a thriving nightlife. There is always something to do and a plethora of history to absorb.

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Are you curious about the traditional cuisine in the Dominican Republic? Click the link below to find out what dishes you need to try when during your next visit to the DR!


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