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  • Meredith Peters

St. Lucia...Where Tropical Dreams Come True!

If there were a place on earth tropical dreams were made of St Lucia would be it.

Imagine sandy beaches framed by palm trees, crystal-clear blue water, dramatic mountains in the background and endless sunny days. If this is your idea of a great vacation, then pack your bags right now. The Caribbean island of Saint Lucia also has lush rainforests, stunning waterfalls and gorgeous sights around every corner. Nature lovers, sun-seekers and free-spirited travelers will be in their happy place as soon as the plane lands at the Hewanorra International Airport.

The capital is Castries and the busy cruise port city is where most tourists base themselves or at Rodney Bay or Marigot Bay nearby. From there you can make day trips to island villages and see how the locals live and enjoy the landscape.

Take a day trip to Pigeon Island, which is a national park with several fascinating forts, including an 18th-century fort where the British spied on French ships. There is a scenic lookout point where you can capture an incredible photo looking down on St Lucia. Then head down to the beach for some swimming and snorkeling and chat to the locals to hear all about the days the island was occupied by pirates led by their captain with a wooden leg.

Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens is six acres of stunning property, including hot mineral springs, scenic walking trails, amazing waterfalls, and beautiful gardens. Many believe a soak in the hot waters has medicinal benefits, which was why they were built in 1784 for the French troops of King Louis XVI.

Vacations are made for indulging in delicious food and St Lucia has all the flavors you associate with the Caribbean already cooking. How does local spiny lobster sound?

You must try bouyon, which is a hearty red bean, vegetable and meat soup and lamb, a tasty dish with spicy conch. Of course, fresh tropical fruit is served with most meals and try the national dish of green bananas and salt fish before you go home. It is an acquired taste but quite tasty we say. If you don’t like it you could wash it down with some local rum.

Room for dessert? It must be chocolate-based since St Lucia has been growing and exporting cacao beans for centuries. You can even stay in a cacao plantation at Rabot Hotel (formerly named Hotel Chocolat). It is tranquil, tropical and you can have as much chocolate as you want. How delicious does that sound?

Are you ready to experience St. Lucia for yourself? Drop me a line and you'll be packing in no time!


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