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The Glorious Destination Of Sicily

Sicily is the largest Mediterranean island with quaint towns, stunning landscapes and food you won't believe.

Sweet Sicily is the perfect vacation spot for travelers who appreciate culture, history, luxury, and great dining experiences. Here are some of the top sights of Sicily.

Palermo Sicily Italy

The capital city of Palermo is a great place to start with impressive landmarks and cultural sights like the Palermo Cathedral and Massimo Theater. Then, roam the vibrant street markets and shops and begin to sample the food of Sicily. Expect seafood-loaded dishes, fresh Mediterranean flavors, and mouth-watering pasta and pizza options. Hire a local tour guide if your time is limited to make sure you see all the best places.

Next, head up the coast to the charming town of San Vito Lo Capo with one of the most excellent beaches in Sicily. The waters are crystal clear, and the snorkeling is legendary, so if you plan to book a boat trip, here is one of the best places. San Vito Lo Capo has several Michelin-star restaurants that are just too amazing to resist. Book a table at Gna' Sara for country cooking Sicily-style or at Profumi del Cous Cous for delicious regional cuisine. You won't want to leave, but Agrigento is calling.

San Vito Lo Capo Sicily Beach town
San Vito Lo Capo

Scala Dei Turchi sicily Italy
Scala Dei Turchi

Scala Dei Turchi (Stairs of the Turks) is a giant white cliff where Turkish pirates once used as an arrival port before attacking neighboring villages. The terraced cliffs over the sea make a stunning and photogenic sight.

Valley of The Temples Agrigento Sicily Italy
Valley of The Temples, Agrigento

Valley of the Temples, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is another beauty in this area. As one of the world's most significant archaeological sites, the ruins and well-preserved temples are not to be missed.

Ragusa Sicily Italy

If you have hired a car for a road trip, Ragusa Ibla is a lovely town with Baroque churches adorned with old mosaics. Further along, you will discover the seaside village of Marzamemi, which is a nice place to spend a night before heading to Mount Etna, one of Europe's highest active volcanoes. We recommend hiring a local guide to take you around the craters, lava fields, and volcanic areas for safety and exciting information.

There are so many lovely villages, coastal towns, and stunning beaches in Sicily, and the locals are so friendly and hospitable. We recommend staying at least a week.

More highlights of Sicily

  • Visit the island of Panarea, known for fabulous beaches and a lively nightlife

  • Wander the stone streets on the lovely island of Ortigia

  • Go sailing around the gorgeous Ageadian Islands

  • Have a night at the opera at the Massimo Theatre

  • Indulge in a wellness treatment at a luxury spa resort

  • Roam around the Ancient Theatre of Taormina, built in the third century BC

  • Try a new dish like raw red prawns or sardines stuffed with pine nuts, raisins, and breadcrumbs

You can expect a beautiful sun-drenched vacation filled with wonderful times in Sicily. If you are lucky enough to see a carnival during your travels, it will be a festive highlight of your trip. For expert advice and travel info on going to Sicily, drop us a line today.

San Vito lo Capo Sicily Italy

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