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  • Meredith Peters

What Savvy Travelers Need to Know Need to Know Right Now!

Flights are still spotty. Some borders are remain closed. Coming back home is quite the ordeal with testing and quarantines.

Even with all of that said, travel is bouncing back, and my personal thinking is it’s actually going to bounce back so fast that the industry is going to have a hard time keeping up with demand.

Right now, travelers have the upper hand. It’s almost like they’re first time home buyers during a housing collapse. We’ve saved up money during the pandemic and we need to travel. And we want to get out of Dodge the minute we feel comfortable traveling.

With that in mind, here are my must-do travel tips for anyone even dreaming about a trip right now.

USE A TRAVEL AGENT (Shocking that I would say this!)

I cannot stress this enough. A good agent will literally make the difference in your trip.

You’re not just a number like you would be with an OTA (online travel agent such as Expedia). Your travel agent likely has a very good rapport with the manager on site at your hotel and can easily accommodate special requests – like alerting them about food allergies or setting up a room nicely for a proposal.

They’ll also have your back should rules change last minute for some reason – as they did many, many, many times during this pandemic. Travel agents also have relationships with their trusted travel partners. These travel partners have boots on the ground in the destination.

Most importantly, the travel requirements are changing daily. It’s a lot for anyone to keep up with, much less a person that is not working full time in the travel industry. A good agent keeps up with all of these changes and keeps their clients informed so there are no surprises.


There is no other way to say it. Do not pass go – go directly to book now.

Particularly if you aren’t sure about traveling this coming winter season but definitely will be comfortable traveling Fall/Winter 2022/2023, book now. Rates for Mexico, the Caribbean and Dominican Republic winter season for example, are already starting to rise as people book.

There are a lot of great options now, but you have to move fast.

Also comforting is the fact that pretty much every single tour operator, airline and hotel are offering incredible cancellation allowances should travel restrictions change.


Multi-family groups are leading the way in terms of booking numbers and are fore-casted to be even stronger into 2022. It makes sense.

We haven’t seen our families. We haven’t been able to relax on a beach somewhere. We haven’t been able to celebrate milestones.

Do it.

Celebrate the 50th birthday with your closest friends in a villa. Have a big celebration for an anniversary.

Heck, just grab your friends, family and go and celebrate the fact that we can. There are also amazing private villas for example, around the world that pre-pandemic were out of many people’s budgets. You can even rent a private jet, which, depending on the number of people traveling and where you’re going, actually is competitive price wise, with the per ticket costs for a commercial airline. Talk about a COVID safety bubble – you and your family and friends take a jet to a villa? How safe and memorable is that?

There are of course so many other options – book a block of rooms at a resort. Rent out a boutique hotel. Whatever your fancy, just do it.


Travel shaming is an unfortunate new lexicon in our vocabularies and as per an earlier article, really needs to stop.

Tell your friends what you’re doing. Don’t be scared. Get excited. Know that traveling is among the safest activities you can do (safer than going to the grocery store for example, but I digress).

Get everyone excited. Stop the shame.

The sooner we can all get back to the skies, the better we’ll all be.

Ready to start planning? Please feel free to reach out to me:


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