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  • Meredith Peters

White Truffles, Wine and Chocolate In Alba, Italy!

White truffles and fine red wine, anyone? Alba in the Piedmont region of Italy is known as the truffle capital of the world. With rustic and historic buildings set amongst lush green landscapes, hospitable locals, luxury accommodation options and plenty to see and do, we can't think of a more perfect vacation spot.

Piedmont italy homemade pasta

Alba Italy Truffles

If you go for the truffles, late September until late January is the best time to go. When tartufi bianchi or white truffles are in season, you can find them on most restaurant menus and local chefs are creative when it comes to using expensive and decadent ingredients in their dishes. Alba has many Michelin-starred restaurants so that fine dining experiences will be a highlight of your trip. With great wine regions such as Barolo and Barbaresco nearby, you will be drinking the finest wines as well.

Alba is also home to the Ferrero factory, but it's impossible to get a tour, and they guard the recipes and production secrets fiercely. So, unless they decide to do a Charlie and The Chocolate Factory-themed promotion, you will have to be happy smelling the Nutella and other chocolatey aromas from outside on the street.

The UNESCO World Heritage site has much more to offer beyond delicious truffles, wine, and chocolate. It is a charming town with well-preserved architecture, shopping, and tourist attractions for art, history, and culture lovers.

Alba Italy Cathedral
Alba Cathedral

The Gothic-style Alba Cathedral and the Church of San Giovanni Battista are religious sites that must be on your sightseeing list. So too should be the Castle of Grinzane Cavour, which is surrounded by vineyards, so an excellent place for a wine tasting. There are fantastic views from the hilltop where the castle has existed since the 13th century. Tempio San Paolo is a magnificent church with stained glass windows, ancient art, and an awe-inspiring atmosphere.

The town center is a relaxing area with specialty shops, cafes, and restaurants along the quaint cobblestone streets. Enjoy a gelato in the piazza Savona, pick up some souvenirs at Vittorio Emanule and people watch around piazza Risorgimento as tourists and locals go about their day at a leisurely pace.

The countryside is gorgeous with rolling hills, scenic farmland, and stunning wineries and vineyards all make great photo opportunities. Book a local private driver to explore the areas outside the main town and be sure to ask the driver if he knows any best-kept secret places to drop by.

Alba italy countryside

There are many tours to take relating to food and wine, history, and tourist sites. Mix up your days with sightseeing with professional guides who know all there is to know about the history of beautiful Alba and roaming free and off the beaten tourist track. Alba is a safe place to explore, and the locals love to share their life and culture with visitors.

Gourmet delights in the most fabulous surroundings, culture, nature, history, and a lovely Italian community are some of the many reasons to visit the charming town of Alba in Italy. Let's start planning your Alba vacation soon!


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