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  • Meredith Peters

Discover The Delightful Douro Valley

Portugal and Spain are beautiful European countries, and The Douro Valley is a gem on the map not to be missed.

A river cruise is one of the most wonderfully beautiful and romantic ways to experience The Douro Valley. The scenic Douro River flows from sunny Spain through to pretty Portugal. The area is known for vineyards producing high-quality port as well as red and white wine. With a history of winemaking going back 2,000 years, you can be sure to increase your vino knowledge during your scenic cruise.

The Douro Valley river cruises we recommend stop at many different places, including enchanting cities, charming villages and picturesque towns. Here are some of our favorite ports of call that your cruise might include.

Douro Valley River Cruise Vineyards
Douro Valley


Sip fine port wines from Vila Nova de Gaia's cellars or get a strong caffeine fix at a riverside cafe in beautiful Porto.

The second-largest city in Portugal has many gorgeous sites to see, including Mateus Palace, São Francisco Church, with its impressive baroque interior and ornate carvings and the 19th-century Palácio de Bolsa.

São Francisco Church Porto Portugal
São Francisco Church in Porto


The wine town of Pinhão is possibly one of the most charming stops on The Douro Valley cruise. Here you will be happily sipping on the best wines from the local area and learn about the history of winemaking in the region.

The train station in Pinhão is adorable and worth a visit even though you already have your ride. Traditional tiles line the station walls and tell the story of local history and culture.

If you arrive in autumn, you will witness the festive grape harvest that really brings the town to life.


The vibrant city of Salamanca in Spain has many incredible landmarks and historical places of interest to explore. Salamanca Cathedral, Plaza Mayor and the old cathedral of Salamanca are architectural wonders to behold. The House of Shells is a palace with the city's library inside. There are over 20 palaces in the old town, so you will be feeling like royalty by the time you board the cruise for the next destination.

Convents, museums, art galleries, and shopping will all make you ready for some Spanish tapas and the delicacy called Jamón Ibérico, which is high-quality ham from an Iberico pig. It's the finest ham in the world, many people say.

Interesting Facts About The Douro Valley and Douro River

  • The Douro River or Rio Douro in Portuguese translates to River of Gold (at sunset it glows like gold).

  • The river is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  • In the 1950s and 1960s, dams were built to control the flow of water.

  • The river is 897 km long and the third largest river in the Iberian Peninsula.

Douro Valley Vineyards

Your river cruise of The Douro Valley will be relaxing and inspiring as you enjoy the natural beauty of the stunning landscape. It will be a trip of a lifetime, so if you want to hear more about what your Douro River itinerary might look like, drop us a line. We are experts when it comes to cruises and very passionate about creating dream vacations for our clients.

Let us know when you're ready to start planning!


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