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The Gem of the Dolomites – Bolzano, Italy

Bolzano is a stunning city in Italy's northern region in the South Tyrol province that is nestled in the beautiful Italian Alps. There is so much history, culture, gorgeous architecture, and breathtaking scenery embedded in this region of Italy. Let’s go a bit more in-depth regarding all things Bolzano.

Dolomites, Italy

People have resided in this region of Italy for thousands of years, and throughout all of Bolzano, you will discover historic establishments that tell extraordinary stories. You will find brilliant churches, castles, forts, and museums scattered all around Bolzano that are sure to blow you away.

Bolzano also happens to be the home of the first trilingual university in all of Europe. The university is called the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, and it teaches in English, Italian, and German.

Food - German or Italian? Why choose?

If there is one thing, you will not have any trouble with when in Bolzano, it is finding incredible cuisine. There is ample access to local meats, cheeses, pasta, and exquisite wine everywhere in the region. There is a huge German influence in this city as well, so you will have no trouble finding bratwurts, Germanstyle pretzels, dumplings and apple strudel. One great place you might want to check out is Cavallino Bianco, which specializes in the superbly tasty canederli, which is a dumpling you will only find in this region of Italy.

Italy Food Tour canederli

The Must See Sites

Throughout this phenomenal city, there are many remarkable sites and attractions that locals and tourists enjoy. Every Italian city has a piazza, also known as a town square, and Piazza Walther is what you will discover in Bolzano. Spend an afternoon sipping on a rustic Italian wine and taking in the dazzling Dolomites that make up the backdrop of this piazza.

Piazza Walther Bolzano Italy
Piazza Walther

The Duomo di Bolzano is a spectacular cathedral that was built in the 14th century. Step back in time as you take in the magnificent art, structures, and artifacts within this ancient cathedral. There is an informational center located here, so visitors can learn all about the amazing history held within this building.

In case all of the above points were not enough to convince you that Bolzano will steal your heart, there are several more reasons why Bolzano should be at the top of your travel list. If you appreciate wine, the vineyards in South Tyrol are out-of-this-world both in the quality of their wines and how they decorate the landscape of the mountains. Be sure to take a gondola ride so you can experience these amazing views from the air!

South Tyrol Italy

Since Bolzano is so rich in history, there are castles all around the city that are seemingly straight out of a fairytale. Castel Roncolo is a cliffside castle that you can tour and take in striking panoramic views of the Italian countryside.

No visit to Bolzano is complete without a visit to see the Iceman (aka Ötzi). Some local accidentally discovered the Iceman while hiking the Italian Alps in 1991, together with his clothes and equipment. He’s been preserved naturally in the ice and is believed to be over 5,300 years old! You can find the Iceman resting comfortably in a climate-controlled room in the Museum of Archaeology.

You may be overwhelmed when deciding exactly where to excursion in Italy, but you truly cannot go wrong with planning a stay in Bolzano. Bolzano is so unique in almost every aspect, and you will truly never run out of fun and exciting pastimes here. In Bolzano, you are provided with such immaculate views, food, and activities that there is a very high chance you will never want to leave.

Are you to start planning your trip to northern Italy? Drop us a line, We'd would love to help get you there!

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