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  • Meredith Peters

Picturesque Positano, Italy

Positano is a breathtaking village on the Amalfi Coast that is lush with picture-worthy views and cascades of steep streets and trendy boutiques and restaurants. The scent of wisteria fills the air in this southern Italian village that is an Amalfi icon. Positano is the perfect location to start exploring the coast and allows easy travel to nearby islands and towns.

Hidden Gems Italy

This seaside town is notorious for its high-end stores and elegant fashion and local boutiques where one of a kind items can be purchased. The beach town has something for every kind of traveler, from the swimmer to the shopaholic, which is the primary reason it has grown into a wildly popular tourist destination over the decades.

It would be difficult to go wrong with any restaurant in Positano or all of Italy for that matter. Any of the many restaurants along the hilly streets of this village would be a great choice. An essential part of Amalfi culture and tradition is the food. In-season vegetables are served with every meal. The cities are lined with olive trees allowing restaurants to use fresh, local olive oil when cooking. Lemons are also a central part of the Amalfi landscape and are used to make many local recipes and world-renowned limoncello.

Hidden Gems Italy

While enjoying the beach is the number one task to be accomplished when visiting any Amalfi village, that is not all there is to do in Positano. The town is ideal for photographers looking to shoot images of mountainside homes or beach views; every corner has something new to capture. Positano is also known for being an extremely fashionable and chic place, inspiring many of the world’s top designers and selling high-end clothes that still have a laid-back beach feel.

When you finally make your way out of the shops and away from your camera, you are ready for some time on Fornillo Beach. This quieter counterpart to the town’s main beach is stunningly framed with pine trees and aquamarine water and is the perfect spot to make sure you are experiencing everything Positano has to offer. The area around this beach also offers a great nightlife atmosphere when the sunsets. Music on the Rocks is a nightclub located in a cave and offers one of the best and most unique nightlife experiences on the Amalfi coast.

Positano is a gem with its unbelievably perfect views and glamor. There is never a wrong season to visit the Amalfi coast because there are plenty of months of warm, southern Italian weather. Every time of year has something to offer, from flowers blooming in May to lower prices and quieter streets in September.

From shopping to hiking or lying on the beach, Positano is a dream vacation destination. Perfect weather all year round and delectable lemon goodies and gelato make this Amalfi town a wonderful starter trip for the rest of the coast.

Are you to experience this view for yourself? Drop us a line and we'll start planning your next trip to the Amalfi Coast!

Hidden Gems Italy


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