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  • Meredith Peters

Verona - The Home Of Romeo And Juliet

The story of Romeo and Juliet is what draws many visitors to the charming city of Verona. When Shakespeare wrote the famous play, he chose the setting for its romantic surroundings from the balcony to the city streets and beyond. Even though he never had the chance to visit Verona in person, he was right that it is a place that is enchanting, beautiful and totally romantic

Hidden Gems Italy

Verona has stunning well-preserved architecture, an interesting history and culture scene to explore and your trip won't be complete until you take a leisurely stroll along the Adige River that flows through the middle of this picturesque city in the Northern Alps of Italy.

With a fine collection of museums and buildings from the medieval and Renaissance eras including churches, bridges and homes it is no wonder UNESCO put is on the world heritage list. The Castel Vecchio Bridge, the Madonna Verona Fountain, Arco dei Gavi and the awe-inspiring Roman architecture of the Basilica di San Zeno Maggiore are just a few of Verona's must-see landmarks.

See Juliet's house with the stone balcony where she stood in the famous scene we all know and love. You are sure to see a few travelers holding a copy of the book as they roam the romantic site. Then head to the impressive Verona Arena to see the opera. This Roman amphitheater is amazing on the outside and inside and can hold 15,000 people. It will feature in the closing ceremony for the 2026 Winter Olympics.

The bustling city square of Piazza delle Erbe is the place for people-watching from the comfort of an authentic Italian cafe before hitting the shops to buy some local arts and crafts and maybe a few bottles of red wine.

Your accommodation options are blissfully enchanting in Verona, with warm guesthouses, fancy hotels and chic boutique properties to choose from. We love the rooms at Relais Empire with lush furnishings, excellent service and a dreamy spa to unwind in at the end of the day. Plus, it is only 500 m from Piazza Bra, Via Mazzini and the arena.

More Highlights In Verona

  • The medieval bell tower and viewpoint of Torre dei Lamberti

  • Wine tasting tours

  • Learn to make pasta and risotto during a traditional cooking class

  • Rent a bike and cycle the quaint streets

  • Pack a picnic of fresh pastries, cheese and wine and relax in a park

Hidden Gems Italy

Verona is a bit of a secret in the world of travel because many travelers spend their vacation days a few hours away from Verona in Venice and Milan instead. But we recognize Verona as being just as amazing as those places, but with fewer crowds. You can enjoy your cappuccino, shopping and decadent Italian pasta dishes and gelato in Verona in the most leisurely way.

Verona is a special destination and there is much to discover in this gorgeous Italian city. Drop us a line for information on Verona vacations and we can start planning your trip today.


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