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  • Meredith Peters

Indulging In A Venice Vacation

Ciao Bella! Welcome to Venice in the north of Italy which is one of our most popular European destinations.

Venice conjures up images of romantic moments floating down canals on rustic gondolas, sipping fine wine and shopping for high-quality leather shoes and bags. Then there is the wonderful food, including pizza, pasta, salads and decadent Italian desserts. When you book a vacation in Venice, you are indulging in every luxury imaginable.

Getting around Venice in the Veneto region is easy to do by foot or water bus or taxi. There are no roads in Venice, only water canals. There are the gondolas too, but they are expensive, so best to save that splash-out experience for a special day. The Grand Canal is lined with Renaissance and Gothic palaces, then the back canals give you a glimpse of local life, interesting architecture and if you are lucky your gondolier might serenade you with a romantic tune.

Vaporetto venice Italy
Vaporetto (Water Taxi)

Venice has many iconic landmarks and during this once-in-a-lifetime trip, you won't want to miss any of them. You could start by buying some cool authentic gelato for your stroll over the Rialto Bridge. It is the oldest of the four bridges that span the Grand Canal and the stone arch structure has been rebuilt several times.

Rialto Bridge Venice Italy
Rialto Bridge

Saint Mark's Basilica is a famous cathedral with gilded domes and a fine example of well-preserved of Italo-Byzantine architecture. The gold mosaics covering most of the upper areas of the interior took centuries to finish. It is connected to Doge's Palace. The impressive Gothic-style palace was built in 1340 and modified many times. Today it includes a museum, cafe, exhibitions and tours.

Burano is a lovely area famous for lace-making and colorful homes. The island in the Venetian Lagoon is also home to a leaning bell tower and the Santa Barbara's Chapel. See the local ladies making handmade lace which the fishermen come and go with their daily hauls of seafood. This is one of the most picturesque places in Venice.

Burano Island Venice Italy

These are just some of the fascinating sights to see in Venice. You can roam around endless art galleries, museums, shops with churches, palaces and religious sites all over the city. Venice also has busy markets with fresh local and organic produce. Be there early for fresh fish of the day.

More highlights of Venice

  • People watch in St Mark's Square (Piazza San Marco)

  • Visit the Bridge Of Sighs

  • Roam around the Jewish Ghetto

  • Visit the National Archaeological Museum

  • Explore the Peggy Guggenheim Collection

  • Climb the Campanile di San Marco

  • Buy some beautiful Murano glass

  • See the altarpiece by Belini at Chiesa di San Zaccaria

  • Catch an exhibition at Fortuny Palace

  • Enjoy a vegetarian meal at La Zucca

  • Book a photoshoot to remember romantic Venice

  • Place your bets at Casino Venice

  • Pick up traditional Italian masks and fabrics for loved ones back home

We are experts when it comes to travel in Italy and Venice is one of our favorite destinations. It is an opinion shared by many of our clients who say one trip to Venice would never be enough. Drop us an email for more info on Venice trips and tours today!


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